Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekly World Wide Web: Thanksgiving Edition

Peachy Keen Blog: The Weekly World Wide Web. Thanksgiving decor, winter soups, and pie!

There are two things I can always get on board with: the weekends and holiday preparation. We're working on a move to a new apartment this month, which means the shiny Thanksgiving and Christmas doodads will have to wait in boxes for now. I could die about it. So I must live my decorating and fancy food dreams through the rest of you talented ladies in Blogland.

Here's some particularly lovely things that debuted in my feed this week.

1. A DIY wreath with hidden messages of gratitude.

2. Soup for the days when you get out of class and it's black and cold and yuck outside (Seriously daylight savings, you're killing me)

3. These free notes from Caravan Shoppe. These ladies make the most amazing things. Stop by and check out the gold/geometric pumpkin.

4. Tips on apple pie. Because it's PIE MONTH. Pie.

5. Also check out this list of Christmas movies on Netflix to watch in between seasons of the newly released Gilmore Girls. (And before Friends comes out in January. WHO IS EXCITED?)

6. And, a fall makeup routine.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! Counting down the days til friends ;)

  2. Great links, thanks for sharing! And thanks for linking up - happy to have you!