Tuesday, December 23, 2014

DIY Canvas Craft

This little DIY idea came about while I was decorating my mantle for Christmas and realized that something was missing. Immediately I wanted to run to the store and purchase a medium-sized mirror with a cute, white frame to sit behind everything, but sadly, I just couldn't justify the expense. I can, however, justify less pricy Hobby Lobby goodies with my 40% off coupon. :) While wandering throughout the store, I came across some canvases on sale and this canvas craft idea was born.
What you'll need:
A canvas
A snowflake cardboard cutout
White spray paint
Sparkle spray paint
Hot glue gun
The first thing I did when making this was spray paint the snowflake matte white. Since I didn't want to get wet in the snow and I'm lazy, I placed a shoebox right outside my backdoor and spray painted it while standing in my kitchen. In my hastiness, I completely forgot to spray the sides, so I had to go back and do that. After the white spray paint was dry the second time, I spray painted the whole snowflake with the clear silver sparkles.
When the snowflake is completely dry, hot glue it onto the canvas. Voila! Easiest craft ever.

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