Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Post Thanksgiving Chit Chat

//The last moving box has been unpacked & hallelujah for rentals with white cabinets and an ice maker. Without a thousand tiny holes in the kitchen floor, my life just got 200% fancier.

//The last box contained cleaning supplies AKA contained our broom & Swiffer. Sweeping is therapeutically satisfying, especially when your dust piles are full of gold glitter, lost chocolate chips, and green Christmas pine needles.

//Lately, evenings have been spent hanging out with Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec via Shark Tank (ever since I broke up with Lorelei & Rory--someone make more Gilmore Girls, fast). Every few days I think I've come up with a brilliant entrepreneurial idea that will land me a TV spot: the microwave that makes things cold instead of hot, car seats that have luggage-like handles & wheels to cruise your baby around, heated socks.

//Two weeks stand between me & never having to go back to school ever again. That calls for a second hallelujah.

//Speaking of hallelujah: what are your favorite Christmas traditions? We'll be celebrating our third holiday season together this December, and I'm searching for ways to bring Christ into our home this year.

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  1. yay for unpacked boxes! It's a great feeling.

    Yall are adorable. My favorite Christmas tradition is opening up stockings in bed and reading the story of the Lord's birth before opening gifts.

    1. I love the idea of stockings in bed--that's so much more intimate than a free-for-all come Christmas morning. I think I'm going to steal reading the Christmas story immediately before gifts. That would definitely keep it fresh in my mind. Thanks!

  2. I recenty moved to a new place and boy, we are so much happier!