Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fourth of July Style

I'm a giant, big, huge, ginormous sucker for the Fourth of July! Over the last few years it's quickly become one of my favorite holidays and here's why:

1) America is so great, she gets the biggest birthday party of the year.
2) Red, white, and blue.
3) Hamburgers and pie with family and friends.
4) Fireworks (especially sparklers).
5) A day off of work.

Do yourself a favor and find some red, white, and blue to sport tomorrow and make sure you get a bite of some cherry pie! 


  1. Love those shorts and sandals girl!

  2. Adorable t-shirt and necklace! Nicely done! I went with a navy gingham check button-down this year. :)

    Cute blog, Andy and Lex! I'm you're newest reader!

    1. You're sweet. & we're lucky to have you here!

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