Wednesday, July 2, 2014

{inexpensive} sunless summer tan


     I come from the palest of pale families, as illustrated by the fact that a few weekends ago my dear husband asked me why in the world I was wearing white tights in the middle of summer, to which I replied that I definitely wasn't wearing tights. No sir, just my own (very fair) complexion. Most days, I’m perfectly content to pair my shorts and summer skirts with white legs. But there are those times—namely during hot, whip-out-the-bathing-suit vacations & fancy date nights—where I like to get my tan on. A little bit of a tan evens out discoloration and covers veins without pantyhose. (Pantyhose. Does anyone still call them that/have a pair lying around?) 

Without further ado, here are my recommendations and favorites at the moment:

  1.  Tanwise Mousse. I love it because it comes off as more of a gold-toned tan instead of a red-toned tan on my skin, which seems to counteract my natural pink tones. It also (with maintenance) lasts me a good week, often has coupon deals at Sally's, and has been gentle enough for my face as well. 

 2. Jergen's Natural Glow-Firming. This is what I use to maintain the good ol' fake bake by using it morning and evening as a gradual tanner. Every now and then while I’m wearing this, I’ll get a whiff of that nasty self-tanner smell. It's not overwhelming, but you've been warned. As a side note, I do notice a different with the +Firming vs the regular.

      3.  Sally’s Airbrush Legs. I used to use the spray-on version of this, which I loved, but strayed away from because it came off glittery. I’ve heard rumors that they now have a non-shimmery spray, but I've switched to the liquid version. No self-tanning needed—this stuff is makeup for your legs. It won't transfer to clothing and comes off with a good scrub. (I mix a few drops in with my body lotion—it can be a little tricky to rub in evenly otherwise!)

     Happy July to you and yours!

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