Thursday, July 24, 2014

simple, sweat proof, summer time makeup

Summer Sweat Proof Makeup

When the hot July sun heats the world up to a sticky 104 degrees & you spend the first part of the day alone in a little corner office, makeup is often axed from your morning routine (read: ain't nobody got time for that). But, here's what I pull from my makeup drawer when I want a little summertime color that won't melt off my face into a foundation-lipstick puddle. The key is using a setting spray like Urban Decay's All Nighter before and after application. After that, your make up might as well be glued to your face.

On a side note, let's take a moment to ooooh and awwwe over theBalm's Instain blushes. If these babies ever go on sale at Hautelook again, grab yourself a couple & enjoy a pigmented color that will last and last and then last some more.

Not noted are a few fabulous items: the black waterproof eyeliner from Jane & MAC Pro Longwear Concealer used as an eyeshadow primer.

What are your favorites for the heat? My mascara's on it's last leg & I'm on the hunt for something new.


  1. limca is this like, lemon lime soda (except better) from india! it's so good. you must try it. where on earth do you live that it's 104 degrees? you're a tough one to survive that lol. love this look!

    the little diary

    1. I'll be on the hunt for some this weekend. And Texas was that hot when we were visiting a few weeks ago! But I'm from Utah. So maybe a slight exaggeration. Everything after 98 feels the same, yeah?

  2. i love hearing what makeup other people use! you look totally natural too, which is the best way for makeup to look in my opinion :)

    1. Oh, thanks! I love hearing what other people use--usually means it's good stuff.