Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Gift Idea

(This gift idea is a lot like the one that I threw together for Halloween, but I figure you can't ever go wrong with candy, cute milk glass bottles, and ribbon. Right? Tell me I'm right. :)

Once a month I have the opportunity of going and visiting with some women from church in their homes. We chat for a bit (sometimes for hours, ha!), discuss a spiritual message from church leaders, I ask if they have any needs or will need help with something coming up, and I usually leave them with a little treat if I had time to put something together. With Thanksgiving coming up, I knew I wanted to give them something that said "I think you're really cool, you rock at life - keep it up, but more importantly thanks for being a generally awesome person!" without it being too awkward. I figured "I'm grateful for you!" was that happy medium.

To make your own little treat bottle, throw some candy in a small jar (glass milk bottle, mason jar, an old food jar with the label removed, etc.), attach a little note, and wrap some ribbons around the top. Voila! You've got yourself a cute, little gift to give to someone awesome.

Glass Milk Bottles: Target
Ribbon: Hobby Lobby
Jute Twine: Found it in my husband's old truck. :)