Monday, December 15, 2014

A Christmas Card for You

Hello, hello. How are you? Is it Christmas yet?* Will it ever snow? Because it's basically summer over here. Which I'm actually fine with, because I spilled the topping from my leftover Tucano's flan all over my winter coat & now it's covered in a crunchy, sticky, caramel coating. Laundry is not a thing that happens during finals week. The poor coat.

Christmas cards have been trickling in through the mail. I pin each one to my refrigerator using those cheap magnets that businesses print their logos on and hand out during Fourth of July parades or staple to the phone book. (Any places that sell stylish magnets? Let me know).  I love Christmas cards. It combines several great things: personal mail, people I love, and, duh, Christmas. Seeing photos of friends and family serves as a good reminder of what I'm supposed to be focusing on during the holidays.

Plus, sometimes you get one of those fabulously brag-tastic, 10 pagers. You know the ones, About your distant cousin Maury who traveled to Fiji and France and the North Pole this year, where he saved baby seals and cured a disease?

Anyways, since the big day is sneaking up on us--10 days!--here's to wishing you the happiest of holidays. Our good friend kindly snapped a few shots for our first Christmas card last week. If I could afford the stamps to send one to all of you, I would. But for now, here's the virtual version.

And a few outtake (happy our decorations doubled as a last-minute backdrop):

*This site will always let you know if it is indeed Christmas. 

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.

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