Friday, February 13, 2015

Netflix Favorites

Andy's Recommendations:
1. Drop Dead Diva. The show's premise: a selfish fashion model dies in a car accident and is reincarnated as a plus-sized lawyer, and only she and her guardian angel are aware of what happened. I know, I know. It does not sound fabulous. But it is fabulous & charming & good pass-the-time TV. Think Legally Blonde meets Suits meets typical romantic drama.

2. Cupcake Wars. Once you've completed the Chopped episodes offered on Netflix, give this show a try. The collection features 25 of the best cupcake showdowns in the popular Food Network series. Each episode will have you itching to find a way to incorporate bleu cheese and pastrami into delicious desserts. These people are bakery wizards.

3. Better Off Ted.  This show demonstrates a quirky, witty sense of humor and quickly became one of my favorites. Unfortunately, there are only two funny seasons to savor, so you'll only get to enjoy Portia de Rossi and Jay Harrington for 26 episodes. It takes place in the often unethical and irreverent offices of Veridian Dynamics, a company who develops a plethora of unusual products. (Also, shout out to the movie Better Off Dead, one of the best comedies ever.)

4. Friends. One of my favorite childhood memories involves sitting in my mother's old home office watching the series finale of Friends back in 2004. If I could only watch one thing on repeat for the rest of forever, it would be this. Take advantage of all TEN seasons now available on Netflix.

5. Agents of Shield. This show follows Agent Coulson, a character killed by villain Loki in The Avengers, and his team of SHIELD agents as they endeavor to take down various persons and organizations that threaten international peace. It starts a little slow, but the writers create so many incredibly suspenseful plot twists that you, like me, will create a count down for the next season to premier come this March. Only season 1 is available on Netflix, but get started now!

Lex's Recommendations:

1. Sherlock. Hands down the best series I've watched in a long time. It's the perfect amount of mystery and humor, and I can't get over the English accents! My husband and I have really enjoyed the fact that it's set it today's world - imagine just how far Sherlock Holmes could get with technology! 3 seasons currently available.

2. Parks & Recreation. If you're a fan of The Office or dry humor, this series is for you. Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson will quickly win over your heart with their quirks and big hearts, and you'll want to binge watch all 5 seasons (unfortunately, season 6 isn't yet available) in one weekend. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of great one-liners and quotes you'll use for the rest of your life.

3. Call the Midwife. For those of you who are fans of Downton Abbey, you'll enjoy this British period drama series. Following Jenny, a recently trained midwife, and her coworkers/best friends, the series does a great job of documenting what giving birth would have been like during the 1950s. I love how different each episode is and the various characters that show up throughout the series (3 seasons).

4. Gilmore Girls. I have to admit, I'm throwing this one on the list without having first finishing the series. (To be honest, I'm still in the second season!) The show is about the daily happenings of a single mother and her teenage daughter. I absolutely love their dynamic and how applicable the show is because of both the happy and frustrating things that happen through the episodes. There are 7 seasons in all!

5. Psych. Shawn Spencer is a guy who was taught to notice the smallest of details as a child. One day, he realizes that he can commission out his talent to solve crimes, and he quickly ropes his best friend, Gus, into it all. Their escapades as they take on different cases will evoke all of your emotions, but mostly you should be prepared to laugh through all 8 seasons.


  1. drop dead diva sounds amazing! i'm going to try that one :)

    xo, k

  2. I just started Call the Midwife! It's so good and makes me SO grateful for the hospitals I've delivered my babies in, haha.